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The services that I provide

I set up websites and currently focussed on setting up modern mobile-friendly websites for small businesses. I have noticed that most small businesses or those who have just started do not have a website. These businesses are losing the opportunity to have their business presense online, and also to compete with others who have websites.

If you run a small business and do not have a website, I can set up one for you. 

I setup Wordpress based websites. Wordpress is a platform that can be used as a content management system. This means that once I set up your website, you can login and update your website content without paying anyone else to do it. 

Below is the process to get your website ready..

  1. WEBSITE CONTENT - You provide me with text file information, images and logo for your website (for up to 5 web pages).
  2. CHOOSE DESIGN TEMPLATE - You choose the Wordpress website template/design from Wordpress themes library (I will advise if the selected template and functionality is suitable for the website).
  3. WEBSITE CREATION - I will create and set up the website and place it temporarily under my website domain for you to review.
  4. GET WEB HOSTING AND DOMAIN NAME - Once you are happy with your website, you will need to purchase web hosting and domain name from Internext Web Hosting.
  5. TRANSFER WEBSITE - I will transfer your website from my domain into your own web host and domain name.
  6. WEBSITE READY - You now have a website with full ownership and control. You can login to administration area of your website and update the content as many times you want.

Cost Involved

The table below is the total cost for you to get your website created, up and running.

If you want to use other web hosting, there will be charges for creating the website.
The other web hosting shown in the table below is also an Australia based host which is used for comparison.

If you use my recommended web hosting, I will waive the cost of creating and setting up your website.

*These charges may be updated by the web hosting company, latest charges can be found at the web hosting websites

Use recommended web hostingUse other web hosting
I create and setup 5 page websiteA$ 0.00 (Yes, this is free!)A$ 600.00
Web hosting based in Australia (monthly charge/paid yearly)*A$ 11.95 / A$ 143.40A$ 18.25 / A$219.00
Domain name .com (yearly)*A$ 21.95A$ 14.90
Total cost for first year*A$ 165.35A$ 833.90
Total cost for second year onwards*A$ 165.35A$ 233.90

Free website: How and Why?

I do ride-sharing driving which is my full-time income source. So I am able to create websites and not charge for the time and effort. The only cost you will incur for getting your website is the web hosting and domain name. You will be paying the web hosting company directly and not to me.

I have been running my own websites since 2003. When WordPress was getting quite popular, I migrated all my websites to run on WordPress and it allowed me to easily manage website content without worrying about the website design or security. Owning and running a website is so easy and I feel all small businesses should have their own website to promote what they do.

More free stuffs

You get all the below when you use the recommended web hosting service

  • FREE VIDEO TRAINING - Video training on how to manage and update your website content will be provided.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - I will add your social media links to your website.
  • AUTOMATIC BACKUP - I will set your website files and database to be automatically backed up.
  • SEO OPTIMISATION - I will set your website pages to be optimised for SEO enabling them to be search engine friendly.
  • CACHE OPTIMISATION - I will set up caching on your website to enable fast loading of pages.
  • WEBSITE SECURITY - I will set up security on your website to protect it from potential attacks.
  • RESTORE WEBSITE - If your website has been hacked or attacked, I will help you to restore your website at no additional cost.

If you would like to have a website for your business, contact me to discuss further

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