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I create modern mobile-friendly websites for small businesses. Most small businesses are not willing to invest in getting a website due to time and cost involved in creating and setting them up.

I am changing that. I will set up a modern and mobile-friendly website for your small business for free*

This service is a result after my own experience

When I look for a plumber, electrician, carpet cleaning, pest control and some other services, I generally search for them online using Google search. From the search result, I look for the ones that have their own website and click on the links to read more about the services.

Sometimes, I also find services in the local newspaper or in the yellow pages. Ads are generally short and not much information are available there, so I look for ads that lists websites. Using the website address, I will find and compare the services I need.

In both instances above, businesses having websites got my attention and provided me with needed information without calling them. Just like me, many people are now using their mobile phones to search for information online. As I run multiple information based websites myself, the websites traffic data clearly shows the rise of mobile based users.

Generally, more establised businesses have their website and their presense online makes them gain more customers. Small businesses don't have to be left out of the competition, they too can have a website. Click the button below to find out more.

Did you know?

Your website has a lot more access to potential customers than any other method


Billion People

The world population is 7.7 billion as of March 2019 according to the most recent United Nations estimates.


Billion People

The world population 4.2 billion (55.6%) with internet access according to Internet World Stats. This is the number of potential global visitors to your website.


Million People

The number of internet users in Australia in June 2018 is 21.7 million according to Internet World Stats. This is the number of potential Australian visitors to your website.

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